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Esbjerg paints machine enamel

ESBJERG MACHINE ENAMEL has a well balanced viscosity, which gives the product the best product properties, both by application with brush, spray or dipping. ESBJERG MACHINE ENAMEL is manufactured on the basis of alkydes and UV stabil pigments, and is therefore especially suitable for coating on machinary and other construction where high gloss and weather resistance is required.

As we constantly aim to ensure, that the colors follow the machines original colors, there will be an ongoing realignment. 

Stocked in the following packaging:
5 litre buckets.
3/4 litre cans

Also available in aerosols.

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Construction colors

A wide range of known colors for the construction machinery branch.

View the products, to see the different original colors for all tractors and agricultural machines in Scandinavia.

Stocking the most used RAL colors.

Available in aerosols in 400ml in many RAL colors of high quality.

Esbjerg Farve- og Lakfabrik A/S is today the market leader for touch-up paint for agricultural machinery in Scandinavia.



esbjerg machine primer

Priming of machinery before application of esbjerg machine Enamel.

ESBJERG MACHINE PRIMER, series 0100 Matt: er fremstillet på basis af alkyd og med zinkfosfat, som forhindrer rustdannelser. Primeren er anvendelig til stålkonstruktioner og maskiner.

Esbjerg maskinprimer, serie 0101 silkemat: er velegnet til stålkonstruktioner og maskiner m.m., hvor en silkemat overflade ønskes og kan anvendes som 1 x lakering på emner til indendørs brug.

Esbjerg maskinprimer serie 0100 + 0101 er hurtigt tørrende og giver en god vedhæftning på metal. Giver en god overflade til påføring af Esbjerg Maskinemalje.

Esbjerg maskinprimer, serie 0101: er fremstillet på basis af uretahalkyd, med indhold af antikorrosivt pigment. Primeren er beregnet til at pensle eller rulle på og fortyndes derfor med Mineralsk terpentin 0700-79120. Herved får den også en lavere MAL kode.

Alle vore primere kan fortyndes med Syntetisk Fortynder 0700-68063 eller Universal Fortynder 0700-68013.

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Lagerføres i følgende emballager:

0,75 liter dåse serie - 0102
5 liter spande serie - 0100, 0101 og 0102
20 liter spande serie - 0100, 0101, og 0102.




Reparationsmaling til overfladebehandling af stål efter grunding.

Spraymaling på basis af alkyd og med propan/butan som drivmiddel. Efaspray er hurtigtørrende og velegnet  til reparation mindre områder.

Available in 400 ml spray.

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DIY with Esbjerg Machine Enamel.

At some point in every rebuilding or restoration project, it will be necessary to paint – at least some of – the parts. If one were fortunate enough to be rich, one could leave the painting to the professionals, who have all the required gear, and training as well. However, since most of us (as a matter of course) would much rather do the painting ourselves, there are a few matters to take into consideration if we want to do the best possible job. In the following we assume we need to paint a large substrate like e.g. a tractor and that we want to apply the paint with a spray gun.

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